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Want to dive even deeper into topics like diversity & inclusion, anti-bullying, and innovation? She can custom-design workshops or breakout sessions that are perfect as a follow-up program to her keynotes. She's also available as an emcee or event host.

This is such a relevant topic with all the pain and hatred proliferating in today’s world - but Mallory makes this accessible and exciting. And fun. I’ve followed Mallory’s work for a while and her unique approach to educating while also entertaining is magnetic.
— Rachael Kay Albers , founder and creative director at RKA ink

Towards Together for a Kinder & Inclusive World

Topic: diversity & inclusion

recommended audience: HR conferences, associations, high schools & universities

As our workplaces, schools, and communities become overwhelmed by negativity, trolls, bullying and violence, how might we create a kinder, more inclusive world? The path towards together lies in embracing our own unique strengths and differences - our "weird" as Mallory Whitfield calls it. This one-person show offers a sequin-filled, inspirational exploration of how gratitude, self-compassion, allyship and loving kindness can help you be a better team member or leader in a technology-driven world. This performance offers empowering alternatives, delivered in an entertaining show that's part stand-up, part TED Talk, part puppet show, part dance party and all fun.

  • Learn how to reduce employee or student turnover and improve retention rates among members of your company or organization by creating more inclusive environments.

  • Learn specific tools and resources for a 4-part foundation for creating a more inclusive world: curiosity, compassion, authenticity, and allyship.

  • Learn how inclusive and diverse workplaces, schools, and communities are beneficial for everyone involved.


Embrace Yr Weird: Cultivating An Authentic Voice & Building Your Personal Brand

topic: branding & marketing

recommended audience: marketing conferences, entrepreneurs, small business owners

In a world where everyone is an influencer, how can you stand out? The answer lies in embracing your unique strengths and differences (your "weird" as Mallory calls it), cultivating your authentic voice, and building your personal brand in an intentional, thoughtful way. Discover how to refine your voice and personal brand in a way that reflects your authentic self and be more deliberate about the messages you convey to the world via your social media, online marketing, and other communication tools.

  • Learn what a personal brand is and why it is essential to develop an authentic brand in order to reach your professional career goals.

  • Learn exercises and techniques for tapping into your “weird” in order to refine your personal brand in a way that reflects your authentic self.

  • Learn how you can be more deliberate about the messages you convey to the world via social media and other communication tools.


Kindness is Badass: Finding Strength in Compassion

topic: anti-bullying

recommended audience: high schools & universities, HR conferences, associations

Do you feel like our workplaces, schools, and communities have become toxic? Are you tired of all of the bullying, violence, and divisiveness? It's a big problem, and while the idea of overcoming it can sometimes feel impossible, Mallory believes that there are things we can all do to make the world a kinder, more inclusive place. Join her in exploring how we can use gratitude, self-compassion, allyship and loving kindness to reduce bullying and increase a sense of belonging in your organization.

  • Learn why we must begin to work past our own trauma and pain first in order to reduce bullying and be more inclusive of those around us.

  • Learn how practicing gratitude and self-compassion can make us happier and more inclusive of other people in a technology-driven world.

  • Learn actionable tools and techniques for using gratitude, compassion, and allyship to reduce bullying and create a stronger sense of belonging and engagement among members of your organization.


The Curiosity Thread: What Innovation & Inclusion Have in Common

topic: innovation & creativity

recommended audience: corporate audiences, Marketing Conferences, entrepreneurs

Design thinking. Human-centered design. The creative problem solving process. You may have heard these terms, but do you know how you can use these techniques to spark more innovation and creativity within your company or organization? Curiosity is at the heart of both innovative thinking and inclusive company cultures. Explore the common thread between innovation and inclusion, and learn how curiosity can drive better ROI for your organization.

  • Learn how inclusive and diverse workplaces lead to more innovation and more revenue for companies.

  • Learn how utilizing deliberate creativity and design thinking within your organization can strengthen empathy and foster better collaboration.

  • Learn actionable tools and techniques from design thinking and the creative problem solving process that you can use to spur more innovation and creativity within your organization.

With Mallory you know you’re going to get a memorable and impactful session for your audience. When choosing speakers for New Orleans Entrepreneur Week – having Mallory back year after year was a no-brainer.
— Emily Egan, Director of Strategic Initiatives; Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Tulane University